Improved speed

Our selection of CDN, DNS and colocation services get your software or service closer to your customers.

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Enhanced security

Keep your data safe and your products running with our penetration testing and DDoS protection services.

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Localisation support

We’ll help your team optimise your product or service to the behaviour of your new audience.

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Your partner in China and Southeast Asia.

Emerging markets are an opportunity for growth, but bureaucratic red tape and potential infrastructure pitfalls vary from region-to-region.

Successfully operating a secure and high performing app, website or software service in China or Southeast Asia requires local expertise. With over two decades of experience building and delivering software products in Asia, Takehan experts give your business a competitive edge by optimising web performance, security, and localisation in the region’s high potential markets.

Takehan Technologies empowers software companies with the tools and insights needed to succeed in emerging markets.


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