• We optimize Technology for emerging markets

    Seize the opportunity in Asia’s growing economies without jumping through hoops.

Technical Services

Developing Market CDN

Our proprietary CDN is built for developing markets, offering best in class performance, security and features for each location you operate.

China Hosting and Optimization

We have decades of experience working with the Chinese Internet ecosystem. Let us be your guide for ICP Licensing, hosting and product localization.

Network Monitoring

Milliseconds matter for sectors like Online Games and Fintech. We’ll help ensure uptime and performance with our network monitoring tools.

Advanced QA

Our Testers around the region can show you what the end-user sees. Help uncover product bugs and find opportunities to stand out.

Vendor Network

Trusted Partnerships with Technical providers such as Cloud Hosting, Private IP Transit, DNS, DDoS protection.

General Services

Business Consulting

Asian Jurisdictions, Recruitment and Team building, Compliance, Tax Optimization

General Partner Network

Trusted Partnerships with regional providers such as Recruitment, Graphic Design, Accounting, Digital Marketing and SEO.

Market Research, Competitive Analysis

See how you compare to your competitors in terms of Product Feature, customer experience and customer satisfaction.

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Your partner in China and Southeast Asia.

Emerging markets are an opportunity for growth, but bureaucratic red tape and potential infrastructure pitfalls vary from region-to-region.

Successfully operating a secure and high performing app, website or software service in China or Southeast Asia requires local expertise. With over three decades of experience building and delivering software products in Asia, Takehan experts give your business a competitive edge by optimizing web performance, security, and localisation in the region’s high potential markets.

Takehan Technologies empowers software companies with the tools and insights needed to succeed in emerging markets

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